Anabela Gonçalves named new director of ICLP

Anabela Gonçalves has been appointed new director of ICLP and began her duties on September 1, after being nominated by the School of Arts dean, Phd Professor Miguel Tamen.

The newly appointed Director reveals that it is “an honor and also a great challenge to run this Institute” and believes that it is “the recognized quality of ICLP’s activities that attracts, each year, a very significant group of students, coming from all over the world “. Anabela Gonçalves also points out this quality as being the reason why “numerous partnerships between the Institute and several foreign higher education institutions have been established”.

“It is crucial to continue this mission of teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language / Second Language, with the same quality, in order to maintain the ICLP as a top institution in this area”, defends the new ICLP representative.

Over the next two years, the new Director will be accountable for the general organization of the Institute’s activities, with the support of the Scientific Board, which includes representatives from different areas of FLUL and the coordinators of the Portuguese Foreign Language Courses, as well as the Secretariat and from ADFLUL.

Anabela Gonçalves is a Professor at the Departamento de Linguística Geral e Românica da Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa, where she has been teaching since 1988, and a researcher in the Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa (CLUL). She is also the director of the Program in Translation and Interpretation and associate editor of Journal of Portuguese Linguistics. She replaces outgoing director Paula Morão, who has led the Institute between 2016 and 2021.

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